Who We Are

PT. Asa Dwi Manunggal

Founders of PT. Asa Dwi Manunggal (PT. Asa Dwi) are professionals who have vast and in-depth knowledge in banking business and operations, sales, e-Commerce business and technology with  more than 15 years of experiences in the average. 

Main business focus of PT. Asa Dwi is to simplify and accelerate your IT procurement process using their depth and broad knowledge about the latest IT technology standards to give the client an inside for the best IT solution that they can adopt into their organization. This process will give a competitive advantage to our client to increase their revenue and grow their business faster. 

Our Mission

Become the leading and largest company for providing IT hardware, software and accessoris in Indonesia

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best IT solution every single day to all of our customers.

The Boulevard 6th Floor, Unit B1-B2
Jl. Fachrudin No.5, Kampung Bali
Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10250